Sausagemoji - Dachshund Emoji

Sausagemoji - Dachshund Emoji

Sausagemoji - Dachshund Emoji

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SausageMOJI - Text with Dachshund Emojis and Stickers!

Cowboy Riding A Dachshund

Compilation new 2017 - Dachshund dog

SausageMOJI showcases our beloved breed in a range of funny and uniquely dachshund related situations with adorable faces, hilarious poses and more!

As SausageMOJI is made BY dachshund lovers FOR dachshund lovers, we have included as many dachshunds as possible from the entire dachshund family including short-haired, long-haired, wire-haired, dapple, piebald and more! We will always add more SausageMOJI's to the collection to ensure you get the most out of the app. #SayItWithStickers

With a huge range of unique images and an easy-to-use to app, SausageMOJI is a MUST-HAVE for dachshund and dog lovers.

Get your paws on it today!

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